Orlando Figes and Highlights on His Outstanding Accomplishments


Famous history writer Orlando Figes is one of the most successful contemporary historians that are well known for their award-winning and best-selling authored books. With his extensive knowledge in Russian history, Figes has always been successful in sharing to the world his conclusions and insights based on his critical research and analysis on numerous historical chronicles. Raised in a feminist community by his mother and sister who are also reputable writers, he was able to unleash his potential skills in writing when he excelled in his classes at the William Ellis School. As he grew old, Figes pursued his studies in history at prominent academic institutions like the Gonville & Caius College and the Trinity College.

Throughout his career, Orlando Figes has served as a regular contributor to the history-related programs of various radio and TV broadcasts in the UK, as well as in other parts of the world. It was then in 1999 when he authored a 6-part educational TV series “Red Chapters” that feature the history of Communism in the country as well as in Soviet Russia, Cuba, and China. Each part of the series is a 25-minute film produced by Opus Television and broadcasted in the entire UK. In 2003, Figes also wrote and presented to the BBC a TV documentary film “The Tsar’s Last Picture Show”. He then authored and demonstrated 2 60-minute Archive Hour shows on radio, which was entitled “Stalin’s Silent People”. This project was in fact the basis of his book “The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin’s Russia”.

On the other hand, one of the most successful books published by Orlando Figes was his second book, “A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution (1891-1924)”. More than 20 translations of this book were developed, and each of these performed well in bookstores around the world. This book achieved 5 prestigious awards in 1997. These awards are the Wolfson History Prize, the NCR Book Award, the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, the WH Smith Literary Award, and the Longman-History Today Book Prize. Adding to these awards are the numerous positive remarks given by notable historians and book critics who already read its contents. Most of them agree that Figes effectively detailed the important events that occurred in the 1891-1924 Russian Revolution, starting from the famine up to Lenin’s death. Many readers also give complements on the well-organized representation of the critically researched facts along with his insights or ideas in each of the 923 pages of this book.


Truck Bed Mats – 3 Tips To Choose On


Any truck desires defence for the bed or over time hauling will take it’s toll. The toll is rust and corrosion caused by rubbed decorate and dings and dents beds. So if you propose to haul any thing in your motor motor truck bed, address some type of bed liner.

There are some alternatives for covering a truck bed. Why select truck bed mats and how do you choose mats that will work for your submission?

hefty Duty Hauling?

For casual hauling most any liner will work. For hefty hauling hefty mats are just what you need. demonstrations of heavy hauling are occupations like hauling a few solid blocks or firewood or rocks or construction gear or tools. Any of these burdens can severely ding and scratch bed decorate. Without bed defence, impairment is assured no matter how careful you are.

An cheap heavy rubber mat will absorb any thing you hurl at it and last for a long time. in addition to a heavy mat will cushion assaults to eliminate most dents. If after the mat is tattered and worn, just drag it out and slide in another.

Another choice is a reversible carpet mat with rubber on one edge. These mats are workhorses too, but the carpet is harder to clean and more expected to contain grease and grime. But carpet is good if you need a non-skid exterior and is very cushioning.

What About climate?

Rubber will stand any climate, but make sure your bed drains are open so water doesn’t sit under the mat where corrosion can start. Most carpet mats are prepared for any climate too. although a carpet if it resides damp is again a place for corrosion to start. So make sure your bed drains well and eliminate the carpet liner to dry when you can.